What can you do while you wait for your initial appointment?

We know that it can be a stressful time when you are waiting to be seen by a psychologist for the first time. Below are some free or low cost online programs for parents and young people. These are a great place to start while you wait for your initial appointment.

These services are evidence based and intended to be used with professional help, not to replace it. They are not diagnostic services and should not be used in place of professional help, if this has been recommended by a medical professional. These programs teach the skills that a psychologist uses in face to face sessions and complement the work you do with the psychologist once sessions commence. Parenting supports are listed first and supports for young people are further down the page.

Parenting Supports

Partners in Parenting- Monash University Free Online Program

A wonderful online mental health program developed by Monash University called Partners in Parenting (PiP). It is a FREE award-winning, evidence-based parenting program designed to help parents raise their teenagers with confidence, build a greater connection with their teen, and reduce their teen’s risk of depression and anxiety.  It has already helped over 1500 families and we are excited to help even more with the new update.


Positive Parenting Program (Triple P Program) – Free Online Parenting Course

Triple P helps you:

  • Raise happy, confident kids
  • Manage misbehaviour so everyone in the family enjoys life more
  • Set rules and routines that everyone respects and follows
  • Encourage behaviour you like
  • Take care of yourself as a parent
  • Feel confident you’re doing the right thing


Everyday Parenting: The ABC’s of Child Rearing- Free Online Course

Everyday Parenting gives you access to a toolkit of behavior-change techniques that will make your typical day in the home easier as you develop the behaviors you would like to see in your child. The lessons provide step-by-step instructions and demonstrations to improve your course of action with both children and adolescents. Among many techniques, you will learn how even simple modifications to tone of voice and phrasing can lead to more compliance. The course will also shed light on many parenting misconceptions and ineffective strategies that are routinely used.


5 Ingredient Parenting

Free parenting resources created by an Educational and Developmental Child Psychologist as well as paid online workshops on topics such as Behaviour Management.


123 Magic Parent- Online Course $29

If you’re a parent who’s reaching the end of your rope with your child’s meltdowns and difficult behaviour, we have good news for you.
You’re not alone and we can help you inch back down that rope, starting now!  This online parenting course offers convenient, self-paced video lessons (each lesson 7-15 mins in length, totalling 3 hours), easy to fit into your busy day and will have you successfully managing any difficult behaviour in no time!


Parent Works- Free online parenting program

ParentWorks is a free online program for Australian parents and caregivers of children aged 2 to 16. It provides evidence-based parenting strategies to improve parenting skills, confidence and child behaviour.


ReachOut- One on One Parenting Support- Free

Is your teenager going through a tough time? Are you unsure of how to help them through it? We offer free and confidential support over the phone and online. A professional who is experienced in supporting families will assist you to create an action plan that works for you.

We can support you with a range of concerns:

  • Has your teenager stopped confiding in or being open with you?
  • Has your teenager become moody and irritable?
  • Is your teenager having difficulties with school, such as low attendance, study stress or peer pressure?
  • Is your teenager spending too much time online, especially on social media?


For Young People

BRAVE Program- Free online course for Anxiety and Worry (3-17 years)

The BRAVE Program is an interactive, online program for the prevention and treatment of childhood and adolescent anxiety. The programs are free, and provide ways for children and teenagers to better cope with their worries. There are also programs for parents.

Children and parents can do it together!


MoodGym- Free online course for depression and anxiety (16 years+)

Moodgym is an online self-help program designed to help users prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is like an interactive, online self-help book which teaches skills based on cognitive behaviour therapy.


TeenSTRONG- For Worry and Sadness- (12-17 years) $59 for three months

Navigating the teenage years means facing many challenges, like dealing with worry and sadness. Whilst it’s normal to feel sad and worried from time to time, sometimes these feelings can stick around for longer than expected and become distressing, uncontrollable, affect everyday life, relationships, health or self-esteem.

To help equip young people (aged 12-17), and their parents, with proven and effective tools to transition into early adulthood, and better cope with these feelings, we have created the TeenSTRONG program. It is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), which has a lot of evidence showing it is effective for many people of all ages, including adolescents.


Bite Back Mental Health Challenge- Free 6 Week Challenge (13-16 years) Mental Fitness Challenge

Improve your friendships, learn how to deal with stress, how to set goals and stick to them as well as having the chance to win a $250 voucher for your favourite brand with our Mental Fitness Challenge.

  • Get better marks
  • Improve your friendships
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Set goals and stick to them
  • And more benefits