Counselling ServiceFees
School based counselling serviceBulk billed with Mental Health
Care plan
(10 sessions per calendar year)

School based counselling service
Additional sessions:
30 minutes- $112*
50 minutes- $154*

Additional sessions can be paid for after the 10 bulk billed ones.

Counselling in our clinics30 minutes- $126*

50 minutes- $180*
60 minutes- $234*

NDIS funded counselling service30 minutes- $126

60 minutes- $234

Assessment Service Fees
Cognitive Assessment only


(including full report)

Full Educational/Learning Difficulties

Assessment (Cognitive and Academic)


(including full report)

Academic Assessment only$900**

(including full report)

Cognitive Assessment with Adaptive/Behavioural Assessment$900**
(including full report)
Classroom Observation
$180** per hour
Report Preparation for Observations
$180** per hour
(This fee is subject to change for complex
cases or if an assessment/s is added,
but will be quoted ahead of time)
Adaptive/Behaviour Assessments
(CBCL, Vineland, BASC etc)
$300** (1x informant e.g. parent)
$400** (2x informants e.g. parent & teacher)
(including full report)
ADHD Assessment
(Conners 3)
Optional 50 minute feedback session$154
Additional travel charge for services

provided outside metropolitan areas:

·  Over 35km outside of Melbourne/Adelaide CBD

·  Over 50km outside of Melbourne/Adelaide CBD



$50 per session

$100 per session

*Rebates may be possible through medicare/private health insurance. 

**Please note: Full fee must be paid before the report will be provided

Supervision for Psychologists
60 minute supervision session with Clinical Psychologist or
Educational & Developmental Psychologist